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LogixPro 500 Quick Update File (2.8MB) (Aug/22/2011)
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Use this download Only to Update an Existing LogixPro Installation. This download contains the latest release of the core LogixPro.exe program, plus the latest version of the ProSim-II simulations. If you have a fast connection you might try "Run from current location".

Do Not un-install LogixPro prior to executing this update!

Do Not have LogixPro running when executing this update!


Client/Server Users (Schools, Training Facilities) Please Note: Your LPServer version date must be Oct/2009 or later in order to support the most recent versions of LogixPro. It is recommended that you update your LPServer software prior to deploying or updating to these latest releases of LogixPro. Please email admin@TheLearningPit.com for the latest LPServer installation instructions.






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